Thursday, October 19, 2006

Aiming but not quite hitting

Our relations with the Government are deteriorating.
We have been trying to extract a comment from the DfT, on the vexed issue of the Gaul investigation, since the 4th of September. Up to this moment, no comment or justification for the lack of it has been offered.
Nevertheless, DfT's statement on their service standards, which is published on their website, reads:
"The Department is always pleased to receive comments about its work. We are happy to answer any queries and supply information about what we do. The services we offer to everyone who contacts us are:
The Department will always try to be helpful.
We will make a note of all comments given to us about our policies, and will make sure they reach the policy officials and Ministers concerned. "
"We aim to reply to emails within 20 working days."

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