Tuesday, April 03, 2007

‘Shopping’ the Government

When an omnipotent government commits what appear to be serious transgressions, where do you go to?
In a healthy society there would be plenty of alert and redress mechanisms available: parliament, select committees, government watchdogs, the judiciary, the media etc., able to wag their fingers at the transgressors and say that enough is enough.
In our case, by contrast, after having unsuccessfully tried these less drastic routes first, we had no option but to pack it all in and call the Police.
The Police have specific methods of inquiry, way beyond our abilities, and corrective powers, which are not available to us.They are also, we suspect, better equipped than us to withstand any likely government counterblasts.
Therefore, we have referred the matter of the flawed Gaul Investigation and its ‘spin-offs’ to their authority.
(For this reason we will now delay publishing the rest of the Gaul-related evidence that we have in our possession.)
We will, however, continue to inform you on the developments

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