Saturday, June 30, 2007

‘Bringing in all the talent’

More often in politics than in life, a trade-off between scruples and convenience is necessary.
Our old friend, Dr Ladyman, is no longer Minister for Transport.
Our new PM, in his quest for talent, found that no one was better qualified to take Dr Ladyman's place than Ms Rosie Winterton, the ex-Minister for Health and Prezza's buddy.
The choice was exceptional: Ms Winterton's vast experience in shipping and transport matters in general is well known. Besides, as a good friend of John Prescott, she will be very keen, I am sure, to sort out all the problems related to the flawed Gaul Investigation and other serious irregularities, which have been inherited by the DfT since the golden age of Prescott's stewardship of the department.
Blessed are those who try to make the best of two worlds!
UPDATE (5 July 2007): The appointment of a new leading team at DfT gives responsibility for shipping matters to Jim Fitzpatrick MP (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State).
In the seventies, Mr Fitzpatrick used to be a fireman at the London Fire Brigade, and later he became junior minister at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, with the role of Minister for London.
Rosie Winterton has been allocated a number of other responsibilities including: Europe, cycling and WALKING (?!) - but not shipping.
As Minister of State, however, Rosie will be atop the Under-Secretaries’ remit.
Mr Fitzpatrick’s fire-fighting experience may, who knows, come in handy again.

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