Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love to know

In January this year, Mr Chris Huhne, LibDem MP for Eastleigh, asked the Secretary of State for Transport, “whether she and her predecessor have met (a) Mr. David Abrahams and (b) representatives of Mr. Abrahams' companies since 2004”.
The answer to Mr Huhne’s question was delivered by Jim Fizpatrick, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department for Transport. From him, we learned that “the Secretary of State and her predecessors have not attended meetings in their official capacity since 2004 with Mr. David Abrahams or representatives of companies registered to Mr Abrahams.”
Being rather curious by nature, we couldn’t help wondering why his reply made particular reference to potential meetings between Mr Abrahams and the Secretary of State for Transport/her predecessor in her/his official capacity.
How about unofficial encounters?

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