Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Asking the PM

The dapper Number 10 YouTube channel is currently offering the proletariat in this country the chance to ask the PM questions (in video format) about the economy.
Wishing to take advantage of this unique opportunity, we prepared a short video clip (see below the better Dailymotion version) and confidently submitted it to

Unfortunately, our clip, it seems, is not going to make it to the Prime Minister's attention.
Why? Probably, its content was not considered pertinent enough to economic matters, or, perhaps, too pertinent for its own good. Who knows?
Anyway, Downing Street has kindly sent us a reply to a related FOI request (you can see it here:, on which we shall comment properly in due course.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I spent over 30 years on the Gaul case. Why do you think you will make any difference, even though your theory has substantive merit?
And why will you not cooperate with the people who have given so many years of research and work to this case?
It is not your exclusive territory.
You were happy to try and use me when you set out on your campaign. What has changed? Do you think you are perhaps a little superior?