Thursday, June 09, 2011

Email to Ed Miliband

UPDATE: And, as a result, the government is, in turn, putting pressure on us to drop our legal case. More details to come ...


Raj said...

Did you ever recieve a response?

Whilst reading the news I could not help but be drawn to the headline:
"Labour Demands Immediate Probe of Phone-Hacking Scandal", I read that Mr Mililband suggest the reason for that would be so that "so that more crucial evidence is not lost"

We thats a party that should know!

Best Regards Raj

gadfly said...

Well, it takes a thief to catch a thief.

(I have not received any response, of course.)

Raj said...

It`s a pity you did not recieve a reply as Mr Miliband appears to be well versed latest quote today
" As soon as an inquiry is established, tampering or destruction of any documents becomes a criminal offence."

Best Regards

gadfly said...

Yeah, what is more of a pity is that our government doesn't answer either.

It's one thing for a private company to destroy it's own papers and another for a public body to destroy documents that it holds in trust for the public.
This kind of criminality on the part of public officials deserves far harsher punishment.

Anyway, not to worry, we'll surely get them - all, regardless