Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sufficient for the DfT

Following on from our post of 1 August 2011, which referred to the Trident families’ FOI request addressed to the DfT, the search for the missing video footage of the NMI model tests on FV Trident continues [LINK]. However, the DfT, as solicitous as ever, appear to think that a couple of blurred snapshots taken from the 1976 cine film should be sufficient to satisfy anyone who has the audacity to be interested in that research:

Part of the DfT letter dated 19 August 2011

We beg to differ and consider that the comments made by Professor Dahle, in the written discussion that followed the formal presentation of this research at RINA in 1979, show both the importance and the relevance of this research to the investigation into the loss of the Trident:

Comments by Professor Dahle cited in Tony Morrall’s 1979 paper

(More to come)


Raj said...

I feel I have to concur with Prof. Dahle w.r.t. the Trident.
What is also interesting is the apparent double standards being exhibited by the D.f.T. in their answer on the usefulness of films, on one hand they are saying they are of no use when referring to the NMI report however footage of the Marin tests was shown extensively during the RFI and appeared to of great assistance !

Best Regards Raj

gadfly said...


"The apparent double standards"?!

Basically, they are just lying.

gadfly said...


We agree with your comments regarding usefulness, in fact the DfT also decided that the NMI's video recordings from the 70s Gaul tests were very 'useful' - these were shown together with Marin test video footage during the 2004 hearings (and were subsequently lodged in the National Archives)

The DfT seems to forget that all these materials are in fact owned by the tax-paying public.

Best regards

Raj said...

It really begs the question,
Was it a faux pas or was there an ulterior motive as to why these files were "shredded" and not presented at the RFI ?

Best Regards Raj

AJT said...

There is coming a day when this whole RFI is going to loose all credibility."Truthful words stand the test of time, but lies are soon exposed."
Proverbs 12:19

Best regards AJT

gadfly said...

I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you, RAJ.

Raj said...

RE: bad news
Unfortunately the whole RFI experience has been " bad news" !


jeannie Ritchie,Widow of Trident said...

Dear Gadfly

With regards to the RFI into the loss of Trident

Our Dept of Transport /Board of Trade or whatever Name,Hat they want to use HAVE BEEN actively HIDING the TRUTH about the Lack of STABILITY of the Trident since 1976 when they hide the N.M.I.Part of an Inquiry into the Loss of Trident from the families of the dead and the general public who paid for that Part of an Inquiry in 1976

They have since the wreck of Trident was found in 2001 been with premedition been Hiding, Shredding Documents pertaining to the Stability of Trident.

These Videos of the N.M.I testing which we had been requesting since March this year (WHICH THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEY SAY) I,m sure have been shredded also as was the Intact Stability Documents of Trident
These they admitted they shredded 3 years into the RFI(2005)

The RFI into the Loss of Trident was a PREMEDITATED COVER UP,DECEPTION,CONCEALMENT OF THE TRUTH by these who Hosted (hosted for lack of another word)

The report of the RFI was a insult to the intelligence of the families and the general public who paid for THE RFI

7 men were killed on the Trident and they have no shame in producting that report

Who do they think they are CONNING ,for sure not us the families

They may have signed off that Insult of a report but they have not signed off us the Families
These 7 young,firstly Fathers and Husbands died on board an unstable boat

I,m sure not one of these so called EXPERTS ,members of the JPE,OFFICE OF THE ADVOCATE GENERAL, SHERIFF would have set sail on Trident because they all know the lack of Stability of Trident

I,v listened to Sandy Riddle,Pentland Firth all these know areas where Trident was to supposed sink.
They all know the area as I do first hand where the wreck of Trident is lying ,an area where all the Local boats were fishing when Trident sank

We had to Listen Gadfly to so much false information,lies during the RFI it was unbelievable

All this Rubbish to use a nice word (I have many other words which would be better suited ) IT WAS JUST A CIRCUS a waste of Public money ,trying to Conn the families and Lining their own pockets

7 Million pounds of GARBAGE
proved these Fraudsters for what they were and are

May the men on Trident rest in peace in the knowledge that the widows and children of these men
shall continue to fight for the Truth however long it takes and wherever

Jeannie Ritchie
Widow and Daughter of Trident