Monday, October 31, 2011

Trident re-visited

A few days ago, it was announced in the press that relatives of the Trident tragedy victims received the backing of Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond in their fight to have the findings of Trident RFI overturned.

We wish them success; there are undoubtedly strong grounds for a review of the RFI, which, in terms of blatancy, was an even worse miscarriage of justice than the 2004 Gaul investigation. 

We shall see what we shall see.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gadfly

"We shall see what we shall see"

The RFI into loss of Trident was a disgrace a waste of 7.8 million pounds
How could they close their eyes to the stability deficencies of Trident?
It was an insult to the intelligence of the families of Trident and to the general public who funded the 7.8 million RFI

The only ones who gained were them who spinned out the RFI

54 Days of what?
Certainly not looking at the true facts of the Stability Defects of Trident

How could they ignore the Fact and I mean fact that Trident was not built to its Build Contract, Standard of the Grant and Loan, IMCO

I,widows and children of Trident are sure that if Trident had been built to the Stability Standard of its build contract it would not have capsized in moderate seas

We know who failed these poor souls that day as we also know who failed us the widows and children in 1976 hiding the N.M.I.from us and also the general public who paid for the N.M.I.

Justice and Truth we seek for our dead

This we did not get in the RFI
It was a sham

We the widows and children shall keep on seeking the truth and justice for these young men and fathers

Maybe the culprits shall own up !!
I think not.

We shall continue to persue a review of the intrigue which was called "The Reopened Formal Investigation into the Loss of Trident PD111"

We shall see what we shall see.

Jeannie Ritchie ,widow and daughter of Trident said...

Dear Gadfly

Please note that I omitted to sign my name on the comments which I have just made concerning the RFI into the loss of Trident

gadfly said...

Dear Mrs Ritchie,

Thank you for your comments.

Justice and truth? In Britain, the abuse of the justice system for political and commercial reasons has become the norm. And the law is usually sold to the highest bidder.

A serious review of the Trident RFI would put at risk many important people and reveal wrongdoing and complicity up to the top.

Anyway, good luck with your fight and rest assured that, sooner rather than later, the truth will prevail.