Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Where they are now

Recent thoughts of the formal investigations that we have referred to on this blog prompted our curiosity to find out more as to the whereabouts of the judges who acted as chairmen in those unfortunate inquiries.

Sir David Steel, for instance, is no longer judge at the Commercial and Admiralty Courts in London. David Steel was involved twice with the FV Gaul: first in a partisan position as lawyer for the Insurance Company, then in a neutral position as chairman of the 2004 RFI.

Although not yet arrived at the age when, as a poet said, passions relax their hold, or when expired judges are customarily wheeled out of HM’s Courts, in October 2011, Sir David Steel quietly left his judicial position and returned to the bar in a less demanding, though no less cushy role of Arbitrator at 10 Fleet Street. Simultaneously, he was also appointed Appeal Arbitrator for the London insurance market. Quite surprising!!! The commercial literature advertising the nobleman’s services now refers to Sir David Steel in terms of “the retired judge”.

The other honourable judge, Sir David Young – the former Sheriff Principal of Grampian, Highland and Islands – who presided over the more recent public inquiry into the sinking of FV Trident has also left his judicial position early, that is immediately after the conclusion of the Trident inquiry.

Justice Anthony Coleman, who chaired the MV Derbyshire investigation, in his turn, left the High Court in 2001, immediately after the MV Derbyshire inquiry had ended, and set out to the Czech Republic to advise the Ministry of Justice there on procedure with a view to the Czech Republic’s accession to the EU. Sir Anthony Colman then went on to become an International Arbitrator for that temple of austerity which is the Dubai International Financial Centre.

So, all these three former inquiry chairmen are no longer judges. The Brotherhood, it seems, has its own, discreet code of honour. Still, we are left with the feeling that these three judges fared far better than the victims of their judgments. This is Britain today – long live the Queen!

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Anonymous said...

I hear in the grapevine that in his semi retirement Sir Stephen Young has take up chairmanship of a chimps tea party. Its also reported that hes been a bit easy led and that the monkeys are having a ball and doing what they like.
Best regards

Jeannie Ritchie said...

Dear Gadfly
With regards to the post

"Where they are now"

"The Brotherhood"
With regards to the Inquiry into the loss of Trident PD 111,I would like to think that Mr Young the Sheriff who for lack of another word" HOSTED "this Inquiry is sitting reflecting with great shame on the premeditated decision ,Report which he made in the Inquiry into the Loss of Trident and how he did not address the Lack of Stability of Trident
which caused the capsize
We saw from the first day that he was not interested in the CORE of the Loss, "Lack of Stability of Trident " and went along with his Circus of an Inquiry for the Department of Transport.

Job well done for whom? certainly not the families of these poor young men who drowned on an unstable vessel namely Trident PD 111
The families who were deceived in 1976 when the Dept of Transport did Model testing which showed that the Vessel was unstable and hid these tests from them were deceived again in this recent Inquiry

I hope the " Brothers "can sleep at night knowing what they did to us the families of the men on Trident. After 39 years we do not sleep with the knowledge that all our hopes of a true fair Inquiry were not granted to us by the POWERS

My thoughts are with the families of them who died on the FV Gaul and MV Derbyshire who as I can see did not also get the justice they deserved
A sham ,Circus ,Monkeys Picnic ,Cover Up whatever you may wish to call it but certainly not FAIR INQUIREY
Total waste of Taxpayer Money

ps Funny I tried after the Inquiry finished to speak to people who worked for Sheriff Young and they were gone !
I tried to speak to People in the Office of the Advocate General in Edinburgh they to were gone Reason ,early retirement !!
Covering the trails I wonder?

Jeannie Ritchie ,widow and daughter of Trident

gadfly said...

Thank you both for your comments!

Another thing that the FV Gaul and the Trident had in common was the fact that neither had an inclining experiment when built, and the lightship data for both was the result of some monkey business.


Jeannie Ritchie said...

Dear Gadfly

Monkey business was rife throughout the RFI into the Loss of Trident
Stability Documents shredded during an RFI ,the mind boggles ,what a waste of time ,a total cover up ,sham.

With regards to the FV Gaul ,what a disgrace that it did not have an inclining experiment when build which would have shown the VG ,stability of the vessel and steps could or should have been taken to bring the vessel up to the stability standard and lives would have been saved.

How can a vessel, car ,train or plane be put into service without being tested ?
What is the point of having procedures laid down which are not followed.
Where in the world does this happen ???

With regards to the Trident

It was as you say never subjected to any inclining test BUT our White Fish Authority , Board of Trade ,Department of Transport had the
AUDACITY ,nerve ,effrontery bumptiousness, presumptuousness insolence ,arrogance
to sign the Build Report stating that Trident had been tested.

Of course they admitted in the 1975 inquiry that they did not test it.
They had no way out but to admit it

Funny no one from White Fish ,Dept of Transport was called, questioned in this inquiry

Did they not pause to THINK in 1974 when Trident,s Sister Ship ,Silver Lining required Ballast to TRY and bring it up to IMCO standards that they had to look at Trident as it had not been tested.

They then gave Trident the same stability booklet as Silver Lining

ONE big difference, Trident had no ballast on board.
As we are all aware Trident,s Sister Ship ,Silver Lining even with ballast required great modifications to make it stable.

Where did that leave the men sailing on board Trident?
Poor souls no wonder they drowned on an unstable vessel.

To die at sea is tragic

To die at sea by the negligence of OTHERS is heart breaking for all those poor men, husbands and fathers.

For the families to be lied to is a total disgrace

Funny the Sheriff had no interest in all of this ,like the lack of interest he showed in the word STABILITY of Trident

Is that what you must do to enter the BROTHERHOOD

Jeannie Ritchie ,widow and daughter of Trident

gadfly said...

Mrs Ritchie,

Excellent summary. I hope the DfT will get what they deserve.

As you shall see, their only worry was a judicial review.

Jeannie Ritchie said...

Dear Gadfly

We also hope that the Dft get what they deserve

The truth must be told

Surely some one is accountable for these deaths

JUDICIAL REVIEW ,that WAS a great worry for them all

Funny, every door we knocked on seeking assistance for a Judicial Review was closed in our faces in our Great Britain.
Jeannie Ritchie ,widow and daughter of Trident