Wednesday, March 19, 2014


How UK government has to 'bribe' Labour to make them more peace-loving.

The dancing around with the evidence of wrongdoing by the former Labour government is Cameron government's handiwork.

The myth peddled at the moment is that unity between political factions is necessary in order to make common front against the threat of military aggression abroad. As if probity and justice were now the only obstacles against peace. This maybe the case in the US.

The reality in the UK, however, is more trivial than that, and the main reason for discarding probity and justice (and when things don't go the desired way, Mr Blair's cage gets a bit of rattling) here seems to be the current government's fear - fear shared at the highest levels of the State - of the outcome of criminal investigations against Mr Cameron's allies and friends and their impact on the public, as well as losing the promise of an easy ride from Labour at the forthcoming elections.

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