Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aye, Scotland

In politics, the sure sign that you are doing something right is the mainstream media, in unison, berating it. 

This is the case now with the Scottish independence referendum, which global vested interests and regional profiteers would like to result in a re-affirmation of the status quo. We are inseparable – we are tied together - we’ve had the same recent history. Yet, under the pressures and derangements of a corrupt political system, we have lived very different lives. 

The UK media, usually so vexed by allogens, are now opposing ethnic divisions, spreading the most absurd scares, while the Prime Minister looks disconsolate at the prospect of splitting up the UK. The Labour party have several dogs in this fight, which, in the event of a Yes result, might have to stop feeding themselves from the Westminster bowls. 

We hope that the Scots will vote for independence, that they will have the courage to break away from the dysfunctionality and corruption of the Westminster nucleus. How can having your vital interests filtered through this thick layer of slime be in any way profitable? 

So, we would urge the Scots to put their kilts on this Thursday and vote YES. There is nothing to fear – only blatant lies and Gordon Brown – hair unshorn, hands raised in quivering frustration – delivering his apocalyptic soliloquies.

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