Monday, September 14, 2015


Some people seem to believe that any honest resolution to the serious breaches of the law revealed by us, would somehow have catastrophic repercussions, would even trigger international conflict and war.
Of such nature are the spin and the disinformation and so pervasive the arguments that those who've heard them could be easily taken in.
The reality, however, is very different. Our disclosures do not hold such sway, and to claim otherwise is fantasy. (The Tory party and members of the Royal Family have known our problems for over eight years, and during this time, the political circumstances have not stayed the same.)
The main reasons why the British state continues to cover up the truth and deny those involved their basic rights have more to do with ordinary, yet very effective, blackmail targeting the very top of the Establishment. As blackmail doesn't look so pretty, those who have surrendered to it have decided to dress up their abject failure as honourable deeds and sacrifice required by the complex circumstances of the moment.

The perfidy of our rulers knows no bounds.

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