Thursday, January 04, 2007

Another design fault

In our previous post we provided a LINK to a factor tree diagram, which presented the various alternative explanations as to why the outer non-return flaps in the duff and offal chutes were found in the open position during the 2002 underwater survey on the Gaul.
We have also published a simple pictorial explanation of the PRIMARY DESIGN FAULT in the vessel's chutes.
Now we are publishing a document, which reveals a second design fault in the construction of these chutes (please click SECOND DESIGN FAULT to view it).
This additional design fault, demonstrated in the above-mentioned paper, gives weight to the possibility that the bolted flap assemblies within the duff and offal chutes became twisted due to wave loading and remained open thereafter. (See item (14) on the factor tree diagram).
Are the conclusions arrived at by the Gaul investigation panel (i.e. that the vessel’s chutes had been left open by the crew and shore staff for 59 days before the accident occurred) supported by any credible proof?
We would be interested to hear it.

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