Tuesday, June 01, 2010

FV Trident Formal Inquiry – Openness

Following on from our previous post, in which we made a few observations on the latest developments in the ongoing Trident inquiry, we now feel bound to express further doubts on the official statement concerning the availability for public scrutiny of an item of important evidence.

When asked about NMI’s 1976 report, which has been hidden from the families for more than 30 years, the Advocate General’s official reply was that the report in question “has been publicly available since it was published in 1976, and was available for anyone to see at the time”.

Regrettably, in the light of a document, which we have recently received and which is copied below, we are now having serious doubts about the veracity of this official statement.

The above internal DOT document, dated 16th February 1977, suggests, amongst other things, that, at the time it was written, government officials in the DOT were actively suppressing the results of the TRIDENT/GAUL experiments.


RAJ said...

Utterly speachless !
Is this genuine ?
I don`t feel able to comment on this a present.
Is it worth asking the DfT to investigate?

gadfly said...

Yes, it's genuine. You can take it up with the DfT, if it helps.

RAJ said...

Even after all the recent exposures I am still utterly speachless.

Thanks again for your support