Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Notes on an overdue inquiry

Today, during his speech in the House of Commons on the Saville Inquiry, Prime Minister David Cameron said that "Nothing can bring back those that were killed but I hope, as one relative has put it, the truth coming out can set people free."

I don’t know how many people believed the sincerity of the sentiment behind that statement, but we surely did not. For as regards other inquiries, into other deaths (see those related to FV Gaul, MV Derbyshire, FV Trident etc.), the coalition government, just like its predecessors, are still actively concealing the truth. And not only are they preventing the truth from coming out, but they also still have systems in place to gag and intimidate those who speak it.

P.S. Members of the coalition government were well aware of these cover-ups long before they came to power.

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RAJ said...

I had found this post rather hard to comment on previously, the quotation of “the truth coming out can set people free” being something I could readily identify with and a rather poignant description of what has been described as closure. As to the sincerity of Mr Cameron only he knows the answer to that however commenting on a similar thread
One family involved in the RFI of the Trident recently received a reply from the Under-Secretary of State for Transport, Mike Penning MP. Which in part reads
“ I am however sorry that the 1976 report commissioned by the Department of trade appears not to have been made available to you or the bereaved families or the wider public at the time it was produced”
This I feel qualified to comment on , now the Department have owned up to the fact it was not published unlike the OAG who still appear to be in denial and have not answered the questions posed by the families , the doubt cast on the sincerity of this statement stems from the word “appears” , this would imply it was by accident that the report was not made available unlike the evidence from your post “openness ”which clearly indicates the Department were I engaged in activities which were to contrary.

Best Regards RAJ