Monday, April 15, 2013

Peaceful countryside

Great excitement on the road from Stockbridge, yesterday afternoon!  Following a few verbal warnings received previously, yesterday, we may have received a physical reprimand. That is our car did, when, on a less circulated road, another vehicle (purposely, it appeared) rammed itself into ours, then accelerated away, leaving us with some useful fragments of its body (which we have collected). Three minutes later, the driver returned in the same aggressive rush, going back whence he had initially come. Busy maneuvering out of the way and into a more convenient ditch by the roadside, we were unable to physically stop the driver and formally introduce ourselves - our gestured attempts to stop him being rudely ignored.
Shortly afterwards, we were given the impression that a local police crew may have had some involvement in the matter, or, maybe, it was just another strange coincidence. 

Could it be that our recent complaint sent to the ECHR (see the blog post below) sent some shivers through the backs of the British Establishment? We already know that car smashing is their preferred modus operandi. We shall have to look into this further – by ourselves – as our government and State have already proved to be too timorous to tackle criminal behaviour and corruption within the higher ranks, being too concerned about their own interests and safety.

P.S. Our complaint also made reference to the involvement of the US administration in aiding the corrupt within the higher levels of our ruling elite (the former US-subservient Labour government and institutions).

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