Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Life is real! Life is earnestWilliam Wadsworth Longfellow

Knowledge is an indispensable asset of the free individual, and, as any self-respecting despot knows, free individuals are a danger to government absolutism. Our governments expend therefore a lot of effort in preventing the masses from learning the true facts of the world they live in, while acquiring more and more information about what the rest of us do and think. 

The official narratives offered to the public about the State’s aims and conduct, are ever more deceptive. Yet, because so extensively promoted by the mainstream media, they gain credibility, rendering all alternatives as serious errors, the result of some deviations from the norms of morality, which deserve punishment by the law.

Creating an illusory world in place of the real one is a patently devilish occupation. Devilish also are the State’s grand-scale intrusions into our privacy, which conjure up the image of those flying demons in The Master and Margarita, jetting over the city, lifting the roofs of all the houses below and exposing the lives of the people therein.

Once in a while, the official narratives can contain actual truth, delivered, however, with considerable delay and timed to suit political interests. Take for instance the phone hacking scandal, the Bloody Sunday investigation, the Hillsborough inquiry, and several other abominations perpetrated by ministers and officials under the pretext of national security etc. etc., left to fester - wrapped up in layers of secrecy - for years, then disinterred at a time when they could be used as political paybacks or when some other benefit could be extracted and consensus had been built across political factions for a controlled release of the facts. As they all live in glasshouses, the throwing of stones is not something governments do without careful forethought.

There is also what often goes by the name of ‘open secret’ – that is truth acknowledged by many but never publicly confessed, never disseminated through the media, truth kept in a state of limbo, either because the time is not right to disquiet the masses or because public acknowledgement would entail some penal consequences that the Establishment doesn’t like to incur.

Official infamies are never spilled out in their crude, unadulterated format, but are filtered and with their asperities blunted by the press. There is no truth outside the mainstream channels - only the mainstream media, the umpire of our perceptions, is capable of giving events the stamp of authenticity.

The official narratives, nowadays, can also be the expression of non-reality, of theatrically staged events or things that never happened  – a far more dangerous phenomenon than the traditional conspiracies, as it involves not only serious, state-sanctioned villainy, but also an elevated degree of madness.

Like the veil of maya that can only be pierced through transcendental knowledge, the official narratives and deception will only be demystified by individuals’ understanding of what is in their nature and what is cunningly intended to condition it. 

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