Friday, July 04, 2014

Black and white

Those involved in the conduct and the cover-up of the Gaul, Derbyshire and Trident miscarriages of justice can blackmail the current government and the Crown (with their constant demands for inquiries), can intimidate, rouse the rabble and issue threats via all the state institutions that Labour infiltrated while in power, interfere with the already corrupt justice system, but they cannot efface black and white evidence of their wrongdoing. The evidence (of which both the government and the Crown are well aware, and which they seem to be using as counterbalance to the threats of exposure leveled at them*), unluckily for some, exists - annoying, unequivocal and uneffaceable and soon to be made public.

No amount of cunning and political horse trading or privileges afforded to certain ethnic minorities in Britain can compensate for bad luck.

* The child abuse inquiry being just one of the latest examples of which they are clearly terrified. We cannot understand why the Royal family would be so frightened about historic cases of child abuse, especially, it seems, about that involving Kincora boys' home.


Anonymous said...

As you say the injustice and wrong doing is there in black and white for all to see, it has been minuted and like toothpaste thats been squirted out of the tube it cant be put back. I long for the day that there ill begotten victory is ruled out and exposed as an own goal.Far too much council at the Trident rfi, all there representing clients own interests. Far more resemblance to a full litigation court rather than the reopening of a fatal accident inquiry. We the families will never accept this farce and will continue until justice is gained.
Best regards

gadfly said...

Thanks for your comment. You are right: if justice is not gained, we should be entitled to make public as much as is necessary - and by any means - so as to render any further denial of guilt impossible. No matter the consequences and the collateral damage!