Friday, July 25, 2014

Jewish problem - part 1

Our rulers don't keep their promises afraid* of the criminals who prosper under their rule.

There have been arguments about the Jewish legal professionals who 'represented' the Gaul victims' families at the 2004 RFI or were otherwise involved with the inquiry, the threats and the trouble they have caused us. (Apparently, or so we have been told, restoring justice in the Gaul case, telling the truth and criticising a few individuals would reflect unfavorably upon the whole Jewish community in Britain. This is nonsense.)

* There have been suggestions - and we wrote about this before - that securing unity across political parties with some noble purpose in view such as opposing military action etc. was the reason why the government needed to accommodate crime. This, however, is not true, it doesn't and it shouldn't have anything to do with us; it is just putting a gloss on what has been in fact nothing more than a sordid quid pro quo.


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