Monday, February 28, 2011

FV Trident RFI - a costly farce

The Trident RFI followed the same script as the Gaul RFI - to the letter.


Raj said...


RE: Rejected , You and I both

Regards Raj

Mrs Jeannie Ritchie said...

Dear Gadfly

WE the families agree without a doubt
They should have been ashamed to sign their names to the Report if that is what they want to call it.
I have another name for it.
This RFI was A REAL CON.

Widow and daughter of Trident

gadfly said...

Mr Ritchie,

I cannot tell you how ashamed we feel to live in this Britain, where people are treated like that.

The Establishment had so little respect for the Trident families, that they didn't ever make the effort to concoct a more plausible stitch-up.

(Sorry to post your comments so late, but I've been away all day today.)

Best regards